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PL-S H-Shape UVC Germicidal Lamp For Aquarium Filter

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علامة تجاريةUVXVU

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تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفPlywood case


مكان المنشأChina

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد60000pcs/month


رمز النظام المنسق8539490000

ميناءFoshan Port,Guangzhou Port

الدفع نوعL/C,T/T,Western Union


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1, The high purity quartz glass tube is adopted and treated with special technology,

which further reduces the impurity content and makes the efficiency of lamp tube

more stable.

2, Advance technology enables our lamp with high initial uv radiation and low uv light


3, Ozone type and non-ozone type are available.

4, High output UV lamp is a better choice for reducing system size and maintaining

uv output.

5, Corresponding quartz sleeve and ballast are available.

Main Application

  • Aquarium disinfection
  • Water treatment
  • Air cleaning and disinfection
  • Air conditioning pipe disinfection
  • Purifier
Type Tube
Length Power Current Voltage UV Output
at  1M
Base Standard Life Long Life
  MM H W MA V uw/cm² W   H H
PL-S5W 12 85 5 180 34 12 1.1 G23/2G7 9000 13000
PL-S7W 12 115 7 175 47 20 1.5 G23/2G7 9000 13000
PL-S9W 12 145 9 170 60 23 2.4 G23/2G7 9000 13000
PL-S11W 12 214 11 160 89 33 3.6 G23/2G7 9000 13000
PL-S13W 12 155 12 290 60 31 3.4 G23/GX23 9000 13000
PL-L18W 17 217 18 370 60 60 5.8 2G11 9000 13000
PL-L24W 17 317 24 350 87 90 7 2G11 9000 13000
PL-L35W* 17 217 35 850 40 105 11 2G11 9000 13000
PL-L36W 17 410 36 440 105 120 12 2G11 9000 13000
PL-L55W* 17 530 55 540 103 170 18 2G11 9000 13000
Remark:The product parameters and data are provided by Kingrate and for reference only.

PL-S H-Shape UVC Germicidal Lamp For Aquarium Filter

Caution Note

1.Protect eyes and skin from UV ray

2.The lamp span time would be greatly shorten if frequent on- off when operates with instant startup ballast

3.Shall avoid continuous operation in low temperature (below 0) and high temperature (above 30) environment. Low temperature would lead to poor starting, high temperature would lead to poor heat dissipation, resulting in shortening lamp life or damage

4.The output current and power of corresponding ballast should be matching with the rated current and power of the lamp, improper ballast would shorten the lamp life or cause damage

5.Power supply must be cut off when assemble and unassembled the lamp, shall hold the lamp base but not the lamp quart tube to avoid breaking

6.After assembly shall clean the lamp surface with alcohol to remove stains or it will impact the quartz transmittance and light up the lamp after alcohol completely evaporated

7.The lamp base it not sealed ,keep away from water or it will cause electric leakage or short circuits. Do not use or store the lamp in high humidity , wet or high temperature environment

8.Lamp contains mercury, should be properly disposed of to avoid environmental pollution when discard it

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  • PL-S H-Shape UVC Germicidal Lamp For Aquarium Filter
  • PL-S H-Shape UVC Germicidal Lamp For Aquarium Filter
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